Our product: reliability

We view industrial plants in the context of production processes. In doing so, we put all our knowledge in motion for you. For us, this means – “Knowledge in Motion”. 
Thanks to our extensive experience in industrial manufacturing and our network of experts with various specialisms, we can create extraordinary synergies. All this serves one purpose: to achieve reliable product quality using efficient, future-oriented methods.

Quality service

Quality management

Detect errors – before they occur

Your plants are important, and your processes even more so. To make sure your production runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we screen every element of your process chain. Computer-aided analyses help reveal any potential for optimisation. And our 30 years’ experience in industry helps us exploit that potential.

Our services:

  • Process and product analysis
  • System and process audits
  • Programme and project management
  • Supplier management
  • Risk minimisation for series deliveries
  • Interim management


To keep your plants available to the greatest degree for the longest time: we operate, maintain, inspect and repair your machines. The maintenance consists of a series of individual measures, which together guarantee high availability of the production processes. Our predictive maintenance management minimises downtime and allows significant interventions in the process chain to be planned. That way, you avoid unplanned downtime and sensitive production stoppages.

Technical building management

Media supply

Electricity, gas, water, compressed air: we know what and how much your plants need and we ensure a stable and efficient supply of all the necessary media. Bottlenecks can jeopardise your production so we are always thinking one step ahead and carefully considering all eventualities.

Central control technology

Computer-aided planning: our software provides a detailed overview of your media consumption. Digital monitoring of your machines and industrial plants frees up your resources and controls the electricity, gas, water and compressed air according to needs.

Energy management

Optimum levels: the energy requirement of your infrastructure is an important cost point. Our employees find useful optimisation measures. After all: saving energy conserves your resources and helps protect our environment.

Building technology

Supplied, safe and secure: the technical components and media control systems of your production facilities require constant care and attention. Our employees make sure your building technology operates smoothly.

Industrial cleaning

In the industrial sector, we see cleaning as an important part of product quality. Through professional cleaning procedures, we create the basis for smooth processes and reliable production.

We use the different cleaning methods for different applications, guaranteeing efficiency and environmental protection. Our technical system cleaning is based on plant and process knowledge. Our expertise in this area ranges from manual cleaning, for example using water jetting, sandblasting or ice jetting, right through to large-capacity vacuum trucks. In many cases, we use our air-conveying vacuum trucks.

We apply this technology in silos, packaging factories, foundries, steelworks, cement plants and power stations as well as on building sites. Air-conveying technology allows us to collect vast amounts of different media in just a few minutes and store it for immediate removal.

Previous applications:

  • Cleaning conveyors and carrier systems in steelworks
  • Removing residues from silos for reuse in the cement industry
  • Cleaning coaling systems in power stations
  • Vacuuming the gravel from filtration equipment