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Clavey –
Knowledge in motion

Managing industrial plants, optimising processes, assuring quality – this has been the CLAVEY group’s passion since 1984. Over 500 technical and managerial staff around the world apply their knowledge and skills to all kinds of industrial production processes. CLAVEY works closely with its customers and partners to find and exploit any potential for development. To do this, we aim high and build on strong values.

Guiding principles

1 / / Taking responsibility

We take responsibility. For our employees. For our customers. And, last but not least, for our company. While we conduct our business, we also take advantage of any opportunities to improve our economy, ecology and social living conditions. Our goal: an environment worth living in.

2 / / Exceeding customer expectations

With bags of drive and the passion to innovate, we aim to exceed expectations. We make more of your resources. More of your products. And more of your goals. This leads to joint success.

3 / / Combining experience with innovation

Progress is the result of tried and tested experience and innovative ideas. Continuous exchange between technical and managerial staff is our recipe for success.

4 / / Motivating and training employees

We involve our employees in each of our processes and give them the freedom to create, use their own initiative and enjoy success.


01 Customer and partnership

Your goals count – implementing the ideas and ideals of our customers is the basis of our business. At all times, we give the customer an insight into our work and an outlook on our common goals. In doing so, we develop the best possible quality from the available resources. For us, optimising processes means finding and exploiting any potential for development. With all process partners. We aim to exceed the expectations of our service.

02 Values and culture

Living diversity – our international network is our constant innovation driver. Working with people from different cultural backgrounds expands the horizons of each individual on a daily basis. New insights have a major influence, not only in terms of personal, but, more importantly, technical development. Alternative ways of thinking and working often lead to unexpected solutions. Through continuous exchange between all sites, we make sure there is a common understanding of the goals and values in companies around the world.

03 People and their craft

Greater efficiency in production processes – we are always striving to optimise and simplify processes. To achieve this goal, we rely on our staff’s ability to innovate: our employees create fast and realistic solutions based on their extensive experience in operational activities.

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