Maintenance Technician (m/f) (in the Porsche facility)

Leipzig – Full-time
As a technical service company with over 30 years’ experience in the field of innovative systems support, process optimisation and quality control, we stand for valuable and forward-thinking staff development. Besides an exciting field of duty with a high level of responsibility and space for ideas, you can expect a dynamic team which operates throughout Europe with over 500 specialist technicians and leaders. We can bank on the expertise and integrity of each and every person on our team and we value our intercultural and respectful business environment. As an international employer, we promote individual and practice-oriented training, exchange that ranges beyond our sites, and knowledge transfer among our staff to ensure a good working atmosphere – the foundations for a forward-thinking development.

Job description:

  • Service and maintenance of automatised systems
  • Ensuring the availability, cleanliness and the technically-impeccable condition of the deployed materials and tools and vehicles
  • Reporting at short-notice maintenance and repair needs to the foreman
  • Compliance with health and safety guidelines
  • Swift reporting of defective tools and machines to the foreman
  • Documentation / paperwork of the defined duties
  • Ensuring constant cleanliness and order in the workplace
  • Reporting the need for personal safety equipment to the foreman


  • Technical vocational training, e.g. skilled technician HKLS (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitation), ELT (electrical engineering), MSR (measurement and control technology), mechatronics engineer, industrial mechanic (m/f)
  • Experience in body construction
  • IT skills, e.g. MS Windows, MS Office, CAD, CAFM Systems
  • Knowledge of the site and systems, fall protection
  • Licence to operate a forklift and drive transport vehicles
  • Medical check-up, e.g. G25 (medical certificate for driving, controlling and supervisory works), G41 (medical certificate for working at heights)
  • Robot programming basics KUKA VKCR4, SPS (PLC) S7 foundation course
  • Hydraulics / pneumatics foundation course
  • SEW drive systems Movifit, Movipro
  • VASS standard
  • TPM (total productive maintenance) workshop (in-house training)
  • Team player, responsible and flexible

We provide:

  • Full-time position
  • Attractive salary
  • Opportunity for active participation in the company
  • An owner-managed, consistently growing company with a strong culture